Appointments and Our Fees

We do not charge self-funded retirees over 65, concession, pension cardholders and Veterans for any Skin Cancer appointments, these are all Bulk Billed.

We do not charge anyone for a 20 minute “Skin Check” appointment, for a body region or any moles that a patient may be concerned about, these are free.

Mole Scan Body Mapping, Skin Biopsies, Cancer Cryogen treatment and Procedures, are all charged using a simple time-based consultation fee: Each 15-min block is charged at a gap fee of $50. Full Mole Scan Body Mapping is normally done by our nurse or technician.

Non-cancer cryogen treatments and wound re-dressing are charged at a gap fee of $10.
Note: Full Mole Scan Mole Body Mapping, depending on the number of moles to be scanned will take between 30 to 60 minutes.

All skin cancer check appointments must be booked with Dr. Carlos Robalino. A double appointment is required, where the patient wants to have Full Mole Scan Body Mapping or requires a biopsy or procedure.

Female patients can request ahead of time to have a female nurse made available and chaperone during a skin examination.

Our aim is to offer a very affordable service.

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To Help Us to Provide a Good Service in Time Please Note:

  • It is important to complete the Mole Scan Consent and Questionnaire Form, print and bring it with you to your appointment.
  • Please bring your Medicare card on the day of the consultation. If you have a concession/pension/DVA cards please brings it so we can Bulk bill your consultations.
  • Please wear loose fitting clothing on the day.
  • Please DO NOT wear any makeup.
  • You will be required to be in undergarments during examination.
  • For a standard skin check you will require a 20 minute appointment.
  • The doctor examining your skin, from head to toe, using simple magnification, dermoscopy and digital dermoscopy. Usually, it can be done while you’re in your underwear. Of course, if you wish, areas normally covered by underwear can also be examined.
  • The identified lesions that require excision will be done in a new appointment.


Skin cancer check appointments are available during opening hours at the following times:

Tuesday, Friday or Saturday.

Please note: Skin cancer check appointments will be for skin examinations and will not be used to discuss any other medical issues.