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Katrina Mills – Dietitian


Kat is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian, Sports Dietitian and Health Coach. She believes your best results are achieved by pairing individualised nutrition advice with coaching principles – body and mind working together.

Her specialty areas include:

Women’s Health

Eating disorders & non diet approach

Chronic disease incl. Diabetes & Heart Disease

IBS and the FODMAP diet

Sports Nutrition

Kat is a big advocate of uncovering the why behind our food choices. She incorporates behaviour change principles, take home goal/food challenges, thought exercises and activities to really make those nutrition recommendations last.

Sessions with Kat may include education about nutrition topics tailored for you, time saving cooking tips, healthy eating hacks and delicious, simple recipes that fit your lifestyle. She has a positive and encouraging nature and will be a great cheerleader for your health journey.