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Welcome “SYDPATH Pathology St. Vincent’s ” to our New Practice

Just to let you know that we now have our very own daily “Onsite” blood collector, from 8am to 1pm – Monday to Friday, so you are most welcome to come to us for all your Pathology tests. We are also dedicated to extend these hours for blood collection, once we just get a few more patients start using this service.

Note: “All pathology referrals are accepted”. Even if you have a Pathology referral from either Douglass or Laverty, you can instead just as easily come to us, using SYDPATH Pathology to have “all” of your blood tests done, as the choice always remains with the patient as to where and with whom they would like to go with.

Appointments for blood collections during the collection hours are not necessary, simply come to our Waiting Room and announce yourself with the Pathology collector once there.

So please share this news around with family members and friends, so that they may benefit by conveniently coming to us for all their blood tests, instead of having to go to other Pathology centers where waiting times are long and parking is limited.