For COVID-19 Swabbing and COVID-19 Vaccinations

Note, we do not provide COVID-19 swabbing or provide any of the COVID-19 vaccines at our practice. These services can be found by visiting the websites below:

• If you would like to be tested or require a swab for COVID-19 please see for a list of the current clinics that offer testing or call the practice.

• If you would like to get your COVID-19 vaccination, please see for your COVID-19 vaccination in NSW.

Existing Patients

Existing patients may be able to book a Telehealth phone consultation with the doctor for different appointment types. To see if you are eligible follow the online Telehealth prompts or call us directly on 4655 6571.

Flu Vaccines are now available

The free Flu vaccines are “now” available. Please call us directly to make a booking with the nurse. If you are not eligible for the free flu vaccine, we will instead book you in with the doctor for a script.

GP Management Plans

For patients with complex medical needs, Camden South Family Doctors provides management plans that enable doctors to plan and coordinate the health care of patients with chronic or terminal medical conditions.

A chronic medical condition is one that has been (or is likely to be) present for six months or longer, for example, asthma, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, musculoskeletal conditions and stroke.

If you have a chronic condition, with or without complex care needs, a GP Management Plan will enable your GP to provide a structured approach to your care. It is a plan of action in which you agree management goals with your GP. Once you have a GP Management Plan in place, you are able to access up to five allied health services each calendar year.

The five services can be provided by a single allied health provider or shared across different providers. You can request that your GP refer you to an allied health provider, or your GP can recommend one.

We are pleased to have are very own onsite Allied Health services available for Physiotherapy, Dietician & Nutritionist, Exercise Physiology and Podiatry, which we believe adds value benefits, to our patients, doctors and medical support staff. For further advice on how these allied health professionals may provide further health benefits for you, then simply discuss that with your GP and you can get more information on our website from each of our Allied Health providers by clicking on the following link –


We have moved to “HotDoc” for all ONLINE bookings. So simply either use this or HotDoc’s website to make an online booking. You will find that HotDoc is very easy and very versatile to use, offering far more options, like allowing you to choose your service and book with our Nurse, Dietician, Physio, Podiatrist or Exercise Physiologist directly.

Camden South now has its very own Pathology Blood Collection Centre

All referrals are accepted for all blood and ECG tests, you will need to bring a Request Form, which has been signed by your doctor. SydPath St. Vincent’s Pathology at Camden South Family Doctors, utilises BULK BILLING for outpatient services wherever possible. There are some tests, which your doctor may request that are non-rebatable and cannot be claimed through Medicare Australia. These tests are payable by the patient but any other tests ordered on the same request slip, in most cases will be charged at the rebate rate and will be fully covered by Medicare Australia. If you are on a pension or Health Care card, you should bring your Medicare card with you. You will also need to show your Health Care or Veterans’ Affairs card. This will enable us to bill you correctly. The blood collection centre is open Monday to Friday between 8am to 1pm.

Appointments for blood collections during the collection hours are not necessary, simply come to our Waiting Room and grab a number from the door or announce yourself with the Pathology collector once there.

So please share this news around with family members and friends, so that they may benefit by conveniently coming to us for all their blood tests.