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Glenn Fairweather – Exercise Physiologist

Glenn Fairweather

Glenn has completed a Bachelor in Sport and Exercise Science and a Masters in Exercise Physiology. Glenn aims to improve the function and mobility of people suffering from chronic health conditions and injuries, as well as assisting elderly and healthy people wanting to improve their mobility and exercise technique. He believes exercise can be tailored to suit everyone in every situation, and doesn’t view disability, disease or ageing as barriers that prevent an active healthy lifestyle. Glenn has a passion for helping people achieve their health and fitness goals through exercise. He believes it is particularly important to develop and implement exercise programs based on each person’s physical, emotional, and social needs as this helps in the empowerment of individuals and the achievement of positive outcomes. Glenn is available for consultation on Thursdays. Care Plan Allied Health sessions will be bulk billed (ask your GP if you are eligible). Private consultation fees are $65. Private health funds will generally cover part of these costs.